Ocean Tunnel

Located at the Piazza della Famiglia

A collaborative project by students at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and their friends, the Ocean Tunnel is a 120 foot long walk-through tunnel.  You’ll be able to experience this handpainted installation at the Piazza della Famiglia during Mission Federal ArtWalk.

In this structure, participants walk beneath a painted canvas that creates an underwater experience of the open ocean. The artwork reflects changing ocean conditions:  a pure blue ocean filled with schools of big fish transitions to a green, gelatinous soup. You’ll hear sounds from the ocean as well as you navigate the Ocean Tunnel.

The creators of the tunnel stated these objectives in the creation of the piece:

-Cause a tangible and impactful experience of mankind’s effect on the ocean,

-Inform and spark conversations about altering the predictable future, and

-Provide a platform for sharing reactions, thoughts, and ideas with a worldwide community.