Webpage Questions

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Is my artist image permanent?
It is up for approximately one year. The process of adding artist images to the ArtWalk website has been changed to accommodate our move to Zapplication. The accepted artist pages for an event are typically made “live” in January.

Can you keep web crawlers from giving spammers my email address?
All artist email addresses on the event website are encrypted with javascript to prevent software programs called spiders/crawlers from gathering artist emails for spammers. This protection has been in place since 2003.

Should I be concerned about fraudulent activity through my artist webpage?
Although your email address is encrypted, it is not possible to prevent this type of activity. If we become aware of fraudulent offers made to artists, we will send out an email to alert you of the activity. Always be wary of international offers to buy your work. Also be wary of cashier check and wire transfer scams.