Image Questions

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Do I have to turn in photos of my work to get an artist page on the event website?
Yes. Without photos of your work your application will not be processed and your images will not appear on the website. Most applicants upload images through our simple on-line application system found here. The system accepts .jpgs and tiffs.

How many images do I have to provide when applying?
In order to complete the application process, you must provide at least 5 images of your artwork. Applicants are also required to provide an image of a previous professional art display. If you have not participated in a fine art show please submit a photo of your work displayed on a wall.

Why do you need images of my work?
All artists are juried into the event based on whether or not their artwork meets the requirements of this fine art festival. The jury process depends on the viewing of your images.

How many images will appear on my artist page?
Your artist webpage will feature one art image linked to your website. Once you have accepted the invitation to participate through Zapp you will be able to upload images. Please email sean@artwalksandiego to upload images.

How should I send my images?
Please update all images through your Zapp application.

What resolution should my digital pictures be?
All electronic images should be between 72 dpi and 300 dpi. Please note that all images are converted to 72 dpi before they are displayed on your artist webpage. The largest image size that our system will accept is 2 MB.

How many pieces of artwork should appear in each image?
Each piece of artwork should have its own image. Each of your images must be of a different, single piece of original artwork. Please do not send images of artwork grouped together.

What do I do if my artwork has multiple panels (diptych, triptych, etc)?
In this case, please send us one image of all of the panels arranged together.