Artwork Requirement Questions

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What kind of work is accepted at Mission Federal ArtWalk?
The festival showcases original fine art. Our jury accepts artists who produce original, high-end, gallery-quality fine art. No mass-produced or imported items are accepted–no exceptions.

What kind of work is not allowed at the festival?
Mission Federal ArtWalk is a fine art festival. Examples of the type of work that we do not accept include:

1. Craft-style art such as, blankets, clothing, baskets, hats, etc.
2. No ‘school project’ level work.
3. No mass produced artwork
4. No imported or manufactured items

Note: The majority of work must be originals, not prints or giclee (see below).

May I sell prints or giclee of my work?
You may sell limited edition prints only. Prints must represent a minority of the work displayed. The majority must be original pieces. The walls of your tent should feature originals, with reproductions on a table or browse bin. Artists who break this rule will not be allowed to return.

May I sell cards, greeting cards, t-shirts or postcards of my work?
No. Note cards, t-shirts, posters, or similar reproductions of artwork are not allowed. Artists who break this rule will not be permitted to return.