Artist Resources

Display Options

Artists must display with their own tent and supply all their hanging and display materials. Rental tents are available for purchase through Zapp. Artists use a variety of materials to hang their artwork from the poles in their tents; zip ties, ropes, thin chains, wires, s-hooks, bungee cords and more.  The rental tent poles are 2″ in diameter, and can withstand approximately 75 pounds of weight hanging from them. The rental tents are 10′ above the ground.

Artists can also hang their artwork on fabric covered panels (using velcro or thin hooks), pegboard, wire shelving, grid racks, lattice, easels, painted fencing, professional display racks, etc. They attach their artwork with hooks, clips and velcro.

We recommend Pro Panels which provide the easiest possible installation and in our opinion, the most professional look for your display. Flourish Panels and grid-walls are also popular professional display options.

There is no lighting or electricity in the tents as the festival takes place in the bright, long days of April.