Inclusion Art by Nan Coffey (2016)

For ArtWalk @ Liberty Station 2016, we  invited local San Diego artist NanNanCoffey_AP2016_JohnSchulz Coffey to work on one of her amazing inclusion art works live for the public to watch her process all weekend long. We are very excited to have Nan with us at this event, as she does not often work on these projects outside of her studio. There is even a chance to have your story included in her latest masterpiece!

What is Inclusion Art?  Nan Coffey connects hundreds of people together by including their stories in her paintings and she refers to this process as Inclusion Art. Nan typically utilizes Facebook to connect with her audience by inviting them to share their personal stories on a specific Facebook post, and then interpreting some of these stories and creating the iconography in her large-scale canvas paintings. Nan’s intention is to use her unique artistic talents as a vehicle to show connectivity, inclusion and love in the world.

“My passion is involving people in my art and connecting them with it. I’ll post a status on my Facebook asking my followers what makes them happy or to tell me what they love, and I’ll get hundreds of comments and amazing stories,” said Nan. “I’ve found that so many people are going through the same life-experiences and one of the things that’s most comforting to me, is I’m creating a space for people to connect with one another through my art.”

NanCoffey_AudienceParticipationPiece_FlatWeb“The response I received on my first public participation painting was amazing—people reacted in such a loving and joyous way. It made me realize what my true purpose was—not only as an artist but in life,” said Nan. “My art is now focused largely on inclusion. We should all work in this world to include, not exclude people. My art is about breaking down walls, not putting them up. It’s about learning more about each other, listening to each other, connecting with each other, recognizing each other and in the end, simply loving one another.”

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