Feedback on ArtWalk @ Liberty Station

Adolfo Girala: “Dear Sean and everyone who worked so so hard to put this show up. Thank you, it was a really great show with nice people and weather could not have been better! So blessed to have been able to do it!”

Sarah & Jim Bates: “Please congratulate all of your crew for coming back strong after so many months. Jim’s sales were terrific and we are very glad we attended. Chatting with potential customers and catching up with other artists made for two wonderful days.”

Peter Dingli: “Thank you for a great ArtWalk. It was successful for me. Looking forward to Little Italy!”

Russell Peters: “Thank you for a great show! You did a great job and were very helpful and quick to respond when we had a question. Look forward to doing more shows in the future with you.”

Lesley Shilling: “Everything taken into consideration, I think it was the most enjoyable art show I have ever done, and the setting was gorgeous.”

Richard Vest: Wow, what a great show and event…I think this was my 4th or 5th time exhibiting and have developed a massive following in the San Diego area….I sent out 300 invitations to collectors who have 3 or more pieces of my wood sea and animal wildlife sculptures and many came to purchase again, also picking up several new clients.

The staff and volunteers were great coming around to check on things, seeing if we needed any help-giving us water. I always like to talk with them and one came by so excited because she got my seahorse donation. That was a really big deal to her so I was so happy.

There was a really good crowd who attended the show and they went everywhere…the great layout you have and the organization was so apparent to the patrons…many commenting on that fact, about how beautiful the show was, the great artwork and the ease in seeing all the booths…

A really good feature of the show is how the artists have corners….It is that way at the Southwest Indio show I do in January and I would assume no artist would turn that down…anyway, thanks for all you do…I love the show and look forward to next year..

John Conroy: I wanted to thank you and ArtWalk for including me in the festival this past weekend! It was just spectacular and lovely!!!  I has such a great time and lots of success and leads.

The load in and out were very smooth and the volunteers and staff were so helpful and friendly.

THANKS again for a fabulous event and I will be sure to apply for the 2017 festival (I did apply to the Spring one already)

Monique Straub: Just a quick note to tell you what a wonderful job you and your team did during the ArtWalk NTC show. It was so very organized with easy load in and seamless coordination. I had a very successful and enjoyable weekend, and my booth location was just perfect for easy loading from my studio in Barracks 19 across the street. I can’t wait to sign up for next year!

Paul Nzambala: Well done!! In fact VERY WELL DONE at ARTWALK at NTC! The show was a great success for me.

Thanks to all the very helpful volunteer staff too, and the powers that be at ARTWALK you have all put together another “landmark show” for San Diego. GREAT LOCATION; PHENOMENAL ADVERTISING and FANTASTIC ATTENDANCE to the show (especially for a first-year event location.)

Wishing you continued success and very much looking forward to participating at your upcoming shows.

Scott Palmer:  I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful event. From set up to tear down it was very easy and the crowd was awesome! I doubled my sales at this event and plan to do every ArtWalk. You produce a professional event! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dave Ness: I’ve participated the last four years at Mission Federal ArtWalk and three years at ArtWalk on the Bay. I couldn’t participate this year in ArtWalk NTC because I was out of town on Saturday. I was able to walk through the show on Sunday and I was impressed. You guys did a good job on this first year in the new location and most of the artists were happy with the results.”

Feedback on ArtWalk on the Bay:

Silvia Vassileva:  Now that the show is over and we all have rested a little bit- I want to share few thoughts: Thank you for the water and the goody bags! Thank you also for the TV opportunity-some people actually recognized me. Thank you for all your hard work- the two ArtWalks that you organize are the best.

Stephanie Clair:   Hey ArtWalk rock stars!! I wanted to thank you guys so much for an incredible event as usual. Although sales weren’t as good as previous years (obviously- due to the darn economy) it was still a great show. Lots of people were buying, even if they were smaller priced items. It still shows people want to buy art- some just can’t buy the big stuff.

Also wanted to give feedback on the venue- The flow was good- and that’s what I hear from most artists… Good feng shui. Parking was great- and the food in one area- brilliant. Thanks again guys for all your hard work and supporting us artists!

Mike Woodward:   Want to say thanks for your effort to put on a great event. I know you had a lot of challenges and want you to know my wife Sandy and I really thought the show was great.

Rennie Rau Marquez:   I just wanted to thank you both for working so hard to make the weekend’s Artwalk such a pleasant experience. We certainly had a nice size crowd and it was a lovely spot. I think I got an especially nice location, so thanks also for placing me in that space. Some of the attendees told me they saw my piece in the Tribune, so there is another thing I have to thank you for.

Thanks again. I’ll be signing on for the next ArtWalk soon and then I’ll see you in April.

Bridget Hoff:   In 25 years of doing shows I don’t know if I have ever done this but here goes. THANK YOU. I just wanted to acknowledge what a beautifully run show you have put on. This is the first time I have ever done ArtWalk and I have to say I am impressed with how your show is put together. Your staff has been great, full of information and on top of questions I have asked and your volunteers are sweet and so willing to want to help! And one last thing, the attendance yesterday was terrific! What ever you do, keep on doing it because in my opinion you have done a terrific job. Thank you for all your hard work!

Bebe Long:   I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in ArtWalk on the Bay. It was a beautiful setting, beautiful weather, and I had incredibly amazing sales, including large pieces as well as small and medium size, to local residents and to tourists! Can’t ask for anything more. Kudos to you and to the rest of the staff for putting on a wonderful event.