Setup & Selling Questions

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When may I start setting things up?
Setup for ArtWalk @ Liberty Station will begin on Friday, August 4th, 2023 from 7AM – 7PM. Setup will also begin at 6AM on Saturday, August 5th. There are no scheduled set up times due to the ease of load-in for this venue. Each artist may choose which date and time works best for them. We have numerous wheeled carts for you to use, but if you have your own wheeled cart, we suggest that you bring it.

Do I need a Seller’s Permit or Business License to sell my art at the festival?
Only a Seller’s Permit is necessary to sell at ArtWalk.  Sales tax must be collected and paid to the State.  The current rate is 7.75%. A Business License is not required for those selling under 6 days in the City of San Diego. To apply for a Seller’s Permit, please visit

Do I need to have insurance to participate in ArtWalk fine art shows?                   Yes, All artists must have liability insurance and list three entities: Art for People, the City of San Diego and the Arts District Liberty Station.

Click here for the ArtWalk Liberty Station ACT Insurance page.

Use the code ” artwalk5 ” for $5 off your policy!

How should I hang my artwork?
There are many strategies artists use for displaying their work, from wire, metal grids and wire shelving, to professional display units such as pro-panels and Flourish brand display canopies. 

May I drive up to my tent?
Since the event is being held on the lawn area, vehicles are not allowed to drive up to the tent. Artists will drive to the adjacent parking areas, unload their items, then relocate their cars to nearby parking, leaving load-in next to the venue available for the next artists to arrive. An ArtWalk volunteer will be on hand to watch over your items, but we ask that you bring along a friend or assistant who can start to load the items on to a flatbed cart which will then be taken to the artists’ space. We provide several carts for your use…or feel free to bring your own.

Where can I park once I’m done setting up?
There are many free parking lots in the vicinity of ArtWalk @ Liberty Station. We will have a number of designated event parking lots marked as ArtWalk Event Parking just a few blocks from the venue.

May I display or store things outside of my space?
All artwork, displays, supplies, etc., must be inside your space at all times during the event. When hanging signs or artwork on your tent please do not intrude on your neighbor’s space or cover any signage they may have. Courtesy is the name of the game.

Does my artwork have to be framed?
Some artists sell their work in frames, many don’t. Artists often bring a few framed works to compliment the many unframed pieces they bring. It is up to you.

How much of my work should I bring?
You should install enough of your work to fill your tent space. A single tent has either 2 or 3 10′ x 10′ walls.  (Most artists choose to only use two walls because they are all corner spots.)  On the other hand, be careful not to overfill your tent.

When do I have to be out of my tent on Sunday?
Please remove everything from your tent by 8PM Sunday evening.