Application Questions

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How do I apply for ArtWalk @ Liberty Station?


Where can I get an application?

1. Apply online today on Zapp.

You will create an artist profile on the Zapp website, and then choose our show and apply.

The application fee for an individual artist is $499 for a 10 X 10, $940 for a 10 X 20, $1400 for a 10 X 30, and $1870 for a 20 X 20.

The application fee for a group is $940 for a 10 X 20, $1400 for a 10 X 30, and $1870 for a 20 x 20.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are processed on Zapp.  We also accept checks by mail at 2210 Columbia Street, San Diego, CA  92101.

May I request a specific tent location when I apply?

The ArtWalk San Diego staff will assign artist tents, but please list any specific requirements or special requests you may have (i.e., full sun, no sun, no roof, open side wall, etc.).

Will my application be processed if I don’t submit artwork images?

No. ArtWalk San Diego will not process your application until we receive all of the following: application form, art images and display image. Since ArtWalk San Diego is a juried show, we must receive your images. The selection committee occasionally requests that artists bring their work in so they can be viewed in person.

Will you notify me when my application is accepted?

Yes. We will send you an “invitation” once your application is accepted.  You must then ACCEPT the invitation on Zapp, and at that point you may pay for your booth, and your status will be considered “confirmed.”

If my application is not accepted, will you tell me why?

We do not go into detail why work is not selected.  There are many criteria that the committee reviews including balance between the categories/mediums of artwork.