Feedback on ArtWalk Carlsbad

Sheri Liebert: “The show this weekend was amazing. So well organized and your volunteers were all so nice and helpful and what a location! My husband and I really enjoyed being part of Artwalk Carlsbad. The artists were all so good and we met so many incredible people. We also had some great sales!”

Val Simon: “I enjoyed being part of ArtWalk Carlsbad. What a beautiful location! I know I and all of the artists I was around would do it again. Parking was great and the site was perfect. Thanks to ArtWalk for all your hard work and dedication to the arts. Quality art at that, which is a plus!”

Sharon Jackman: “I thought the ArtWalk team did a great job of getting good turn out for the show. My sales were very good. Hope you are relaxing after all the hard work!”

Cindy and Glen, Metal Mountain: “Thanks to you and staff for another well organized and fun event! Looking forward to the next ArtWalk event.”

Jane Booth: “I wanted to send a special thank you for including me in the festival – I had such a great time! The staff were very supportive – you name it, they stepped in. Truly very supportive and a great experience as an artist. I also met some fantastic fellow artists and learned a few new ideas so I found it personally satisfying. Thank you again for all your hard work and a wonderful event. I am looking forward to next year!”

Marna Schindler: “Wanted to thank you for making the shows the best they could possibly be, with such great promotion, volunteers, and organizing to make them go so smoothly for us artists, and such an enjoyable experience for all of our patrons.

I really am grateful that I’m one of your artists and I heard all weekend at Carlsbad when I asked, that folks will come back again next year–some folks spent all day at the show, and that I think, is the mark of a very well-done event.”

Barbara Davies: “I loved being in North County, It most likely brought in an audience that doesn’t go to the Little Italy ArtWalk.”

Patricia Frischer: “Congratulations on another wonderful year in Carlsbad. I heard nothing but good things.”