Setup & Selling Questions

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When may I start setting things up?
Setup for ArtWalk Carlsbad will begin Friday afternoon, September 8th, and will restart 6am Saturday, September 9th, 2023. Cars must be off Armada drive by 9:30am.

Do I need a Seller’s Permit or Business License to sell my art at the festival?
Only a Seller’s Permit is necessary to sell at ArtWalk Carlsbad. A Business License is not required for those selling under 6 days. To apply for a Seller’s Permit, please visit 

How should I hang my artwork?
There are many strategies artists use for displaying their work at ArtWalk San Diego, from Velcro, peg board and wire shelving, to professional display units such as pro-panels. Several examples of how ArtWalk artists hang their work appear on our display resource page. Click here for another helpful resource.

May I drive up to my tent?
Artists may drive right up to their assigned space for set-up until 9:30am. We ask you to be courteous and not block neighboring artists.

Where can I park once I’m done setting up?
There are many free parking lots in the vicinity of ArtWalk Carlsbad.  We will have a number of designated event parking lots marked as ArtWalk Event Parking right next to the venue.

May I display or store things outside of my tent?
All artwork, displays, supplies, etc., must be inside your tent space at all times during the event. When hanging signs or artwork on your tent please do not intrude on your neighbor’s space or cover any signage they may have. Courtesy is the name of the game.

May I hang artwork and displays from the poles in my rented tent?
*This applies to artists that pay extra to rent a tent. Yes, depending on weather conditions. If the wind is calm, you may hang artwork from the poles in your rented tent as long as there is no damage to the tent, tent poles or lawn. The poles in the rented tents are 2” in diameter and can hold a maximum with of 80 lbs per pole.

If the wind is blowing, we anticipate that the walls of each tent will move as much as 6” to 8” in either direction. It may not be advisable to hang panels or art from the walls, but rather, to use ground-supported display panels with heavy weighting and tie-offs so they do not blow over in a strong wind.

Does my artwork have to be framed?
Some artists sell their work in frames, many don’t. Artists often bring a few framed works to compliment the many unframed pieces they bring. It is up to you.

How much of my work should I bring?
You should install enough of your work to fill your tent space. A single tent has either 2 or 3 10′ x 10′ walls.  (Most artists choose to only use two walls because they are all corner spots.)  On the other hand, be careful not to overfill your tent.

When do I have to be out of my tent on Sunday?
Please remove everything from your tent by 8PM Sunday evening.