Surfboard Art Auction for ArtReach

2019 Surfboard Art Project in support of ARTREACH San Diego

Stay tuned to learn what we’ll be presenting in 2020….information to be posted soon!



In honor of the 35th anniversary of Mission Federal ArtWalk, we celebrated our oceans and the beachy surfing culture that are so emblematic of San Diego.  Thanks to our partners, Rerip, who provided all the upcycled surfboards, 35 artists have transformed surfboards into original artwork.  Painting, mosaic and woodwork were some of the mediums that were represented in this show and sale of surfboard art.  Rerip’s unique mission of keeping surfboards out of landfills makes the idea of turning boards into works of art something we can all be proud of.

The boards were displayed during Mission Federal ArtWalk at the Piazza della Famiglia (India and Date Streets) and will be available via an online auction.  The majority of the proceeds for the sale of these unique art pieces  directly benefit ArtReach, our not-for-profit art education partner that delivers art workshops at Title One Schools throughout the County.

Art by Jeremy Sicile-Kira

To view the auction catalog online, click here.

We are indebted to Rerip for their generous support of this project.  Visit with their team at Mission Fed ArtWalk, and learn more about their good work in the community.

Art by Mac Hillenbrand

If you are an artist and you wish to participate in the program, please see the Call to Artists, and return your Application to us.



Participating Artists: 

Charles Adams

Sibet Alspaugh

Korin Chapman

Justin Coopersmith

Trevor Coopersmith

Yesica Corral 

Norm Daniels

Maria del Carmen Gonzalez

Debra Donaghue

Jen Duran 

Ruth Fromstein

Rebekah Garza

Patty Geach & Moss Shacter

Mac Hillenbrand 

Scott Holland

Carolyn Johnson 

Darlene Katz 

Matthew Lee 

Reva Lewis 

Melissa Marquardt

C. Martino

Cheram Morales

Jason Mraz 

Bree Poort 

Kara Rittenhouse

Michael Rumsey 

Regan Russell 

Krista Shumacher

Jeremy Sicilie-Kira 

David Silvah 

James Stone 

Elisabeth Sullivan 

Michael Summers